Thornton Watlass results – a cold & clean morning ride!

Saturday dawned dry and bright and 27 riders braved the sub-zero temperatures to participate in the second event of the NYMBO winter season based at The Buck Inn, Thornton Watlass. The benefit of the dry/frozen surfaces meant that most people came back almost as clean as when they set off – almost unheard of in my experience! An added bonus was that everyone returned safely to the warmth of the pub for lunch, despite the two punctures, two retirements and a loose crank arm along the way. Congratulations to Duncan Archer (Senior Men) who won the event with a score of 344, despite Max Vesty giving him a close run in second place. The Women’s class was won by Joan Hanson, whilst Tim Evans took the honours in the Veteran Men’s class. Not withstanding the lack of competition, Steve Collins/Ben Collins and Graham Tibbot/Erica Moks won the Gen/Youth and Mixed categories respectively. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Thanks, Paul

M40 Duncan Archer 5043 345 2.01 1 344
M21 Max Vesty 4180 355 2.08 11 344
M50 Tim Evans 3019 320 2.04 4 316
X21 Erica Moks & Graham Tibbot 8130/8121 315 2.02 2 313
M60 John Rawden 203 300 2.09 13 287
M40 Brendon Smurthwaite 2876 285 2.00 0 285
M40 Mark Chryssanthou 917 275 1.58 0 275
M50 Andy Conn 78 280 2.05 5 275
M50 Conrad Ellison 876 275 2.03 3 272
M60 Tony Thornley 9550 255 2.05 5 250
W40 Joan Hanson 7553 225 2.02 2 223
T50 Will Paterson & Ian Roberts 1459/Day 220 2.06 7 213
W70 Karen Blackburn 102 205 1.57 0 205
G Steve & Ben Collins 7855/7855 205 1.58 0 205
M60 David Day 392 205 2.01 1 204
M50 Michael Brough 107 190 2.05 5 185
M50 David Collins 3726 265 2.20 90 175
W50 Ceri Williams 224 165 1.57 0 165
M50 John Deighton 1710 165 1.57 0 165
M21 Phil Charters 165 1.57 0 165
W60 Susan Birtwistle 7337 165 2.10 15 150
M60 Steve Willis 253 295 2.28 250 45
M50 Martin Vesty rtd
W50 Jill Ellison 6605 rtd

Thornton Watlass Results


Slingsby Report & Results

Thanks to all those who turned out to ride the first of this Seasons Winter MBO events and thanks for the positive comments at the end.

37 riders set out from the Grapes Inn on a dry and bright morning (entirely different weather conditions than we had on the February morning when this event was originally scheduled for!)
Fortunately I was able to use the same course map that was planned and printed back in January – belated thanks to Jens for creating another excellent map.

Congratulations to Andy Conn for taking overall honours with a score of 420 closely challenged by Duncan Archer 410 and John Rawden 408. Pippa Archer took top spot in the Ladies category with 365, Geoff Moorhouse & Andrea Foster won Mixed with 312 and Steve & Ben Collins won Generation with 336.

Slingsby Results

A quick scan through the Answer sheets suggests that the majority of riders cleared the North side of the map first and then picked off points South of Slingsby as time allowed. Very few ventured as far South as Terrington but I wanted to include this road section on the map in case the weather was really wet and riders wanted to avoid the offroad sections, As it was most of the tracks were in good condition and very rideable.

Final note: thanks to Steve, who although officially retired as Organiser, steered me through my first event as Planner.

Next event is at Thornton Watlass on the 9th December.

Cheers, Brendon

First winter ride is next Saturday- blank map of Slingsby course is here…

First Winter Event next Saturday 11th – course map now available*!

Brendon's been out checking the route...

Brendon’s been out checking the route…

This event is at Slingsby next Saturday 11th November, planned by Brendon Smurthwaite
Registration at The Grapes Inn 0915 -1015, starts from 0930-1030
Enter online by Wednesday and save £1

Otherwise, please use the email form here to let me know you’re coming and reserve a map.
* technically the map’s been online since February, and that’s why it’s dated for then – that event was cancelled due to the weather.

Final league event of the year – Nidderdale comments & results

Final league results, Nidderdale results, and control map are all found here.

Nidderdale MBO Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Neil Reed for an excellent course in this lovely, tough but rarely visited part of the Yorkshire Dales. At least it was dry for most of the day but most of the tracks were very wet which should have taught us to avoid the soft ones.

I thoroughly enjoyed my ride as usual once I’d reached the road at #47 after crossing the moor from Skell Gill. I decided to ride the bridleway along the east side on Gouthwaite Reservoir as I thought it followed the old railway line (which it did but 20 yards to one side)!! However, the route choice improved once I got onto Fountains Earth Moor with the wind at my back. Thanks to Jens Strain for his final, but as always, excellent map, Geoff Moorhouse for his help on the day and especially the control collectors, Graham, Ray, Andrew & Paul who went back out in the worst of the weather.

Unfortunately, some riders used an out of bounds track near #57 as Neil explains below but thanks to Mark Rowley for letting me know at download that he had used it.

Congratulations to Graham Tibbott for another excellent score of 480; Sue Booth outscoring the other ladies with 340 points and the Brand-Barkers winning the mixed again with 295 points. You can follow all of their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

It was brilliant that so many riders in the hall stayed to see the leading riders receive their tee shirts as well as their beer and engraved glasses. Thanks to Rob & Anne Wiltshire of Yorkshire Dales Brewery for sponsoring our events.

Then Conrad stood up to speak and I realised why you were all there. Thanks for all of your kind comments and very generous gifts as well as your support over the last 20 years. It has been a pleasure but it’s time to step down and let someone else take over. Fortunately, I have had 10 offers from riders to plan and organise events next year, Helen Pollard of Stage1Cycles has offered to sponsor the league and act as secretary. Neil Reed will look after the equipment and Tim Evans will draw the maps, I’ll still plan one event every year and hopefully be riding at many others but only if it fits in between holidays and time with our family.

The next NYMBO event is at the Grapes at Slingsby on Saturday 11th November which was originally planned by Brendon Smurthwaite in February. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to a snowy forecast but hopefully the weather will be kinder next month and we can enjoy riding around the Howardian Hills

I’ll be there, hope you will be.

Planner’s Comments

Thanks to everyone that turned up for the final NYMBO event of the year. I had enjoyed the planning and recce rides for which I generally had much better conditions than those on Saturday !

I considered the course to be reasonably “tough” and to an extent had  in mind those riders that cover a lot more distance than I do when positioning some of the controls in the more far flung corners. I considered the main challenge would be how much time you could spend in Nidderdale before needing to head back.

That said the main intention was to provide something that everyone would enjoy and judging from the positive comments I received this appear to be the case, even for those arriving somewhat late !
Given the soft ground conditions and blustery weather on the day I was pleased and surprised to see plenty of scores in the 400’s.

On a slightly less positive note a few riders mentioned that they had seen some riders using the farmers private track leading directly to the road from CP57 which was clearly indicated as out of bounds on the map. Without labouring the point this gives an unfair advantage to those that used this as a shortcut but also potentially undermines future cooperation from the land owners. In this case I had spoken to the farmer and his son on two occasions to explain about the event and to request permission to place a control on his gate whilst emphasising that his track would be clearly marked as out of bounds and that riders would not be permitted to use it. My concern is that in future it would be understandable if they chose to be less cooperative.
Thanks to all those who helped out on the day.
Hope you all had a safe journey home.
Neil Reed

Gouthwaite Reservoir from Fountains Earth Moor