What was your favourite event to ride this year?

if you can cast your mind back to Terrington in March maybe that’s the event you’d choose?

Or perhaps the sunshine that made the Stainforth, Dalby Forest and even the last event at Nidderdale just a bit more pleasant?

Perhaps you only rode one or two events this year so have made selection easy?

Whatever your reason, please vote for your favourite event  this year and add any comments that might help plan next years events.

Usually I prefer a forest event, but having either missed a few this year it’s a toss up between Stainforth and Nidderdale…. where I found these sheep blocking my path.

Poll is open until Friday November 11th, please cast your vote by then.



Nidderdale Planner’s Comments

Planner’s Comments

I hope you enjoyed the excellent facilities at Sawley village hall with convenient adjacent parking and catering by the local ladies. The rain held off for most of you but there were some heavy showers towards the end of the day.

Conditions were much drier than anticipated as there had been no rain to speak of for 2 weeks so tracks that could have been a little muddy were not. Having the start in the centre of the map always gives more of a navigational challenge, I noticed quite a lot of hesitation as riders received their maps. Many riders chose to go south first, attracted by the closeness of controls; in fact the NE quadrant scored most points with 160, SE 115 and the other 2 quadrants 120 each. It is true that controls in the north were further apart but generally had faster routes between them.

Sadly vandals took a fancy to 2 controls – 38 was at a road junction, the SI box was stolen & the wire cut; 51 in the middle of nowhere completely disappeared, I will have a scout around this week to see if I can find any bits. This is one of the side effects of making the controls easily visible to riders, they are also often spotted by the public. 57 stopped working after 9 riders had passed through, presumably the battery gave out. If you have not informed Steve that you visited any of these 3 controls please let him know and he will adjust your score. Nobody visited control 32, a pity as there was a spot prize on it! There was one error in the map where the circle for 56 was drawn at the wrong bridleway junction (a parallel error as it is known in orienteering circles), I apologise for this oversight and hope that this did not cost you too much time.

Congratulations to the first 3 men: Graham Tibbot scored 405, Andrew Windrum 373 & Conrad Ellison 351; top ladies were Sue Booth on 269 followed by mixed pair Tony & Angela Brand-Parker.

Finally thank you to the control collectors Adrian Parker, Simon Coiley, John Rawden, Ray Morriss, David Lloyd, Andy & Corinne Parsons (only 1 of them under 50, where are the fit young riders at the end of the event?) You may not see much of me during the winter as I am having my ankle fused early November and will be in pot for a while. Hopefully it will then give me less trouble than it does now.

David Day

NYMBO Champions 2016

Congratulations to our champions

M18 Max Vesty

Gen Steve & Ben Collins

M21 Graham Tibbot

M40 Andrew Windrum

M50 Tim Evans

M60 Ray Morriss

M70 Roger de Faye

W40 Sheila Pearce

W50 Jill Ellison

W60 Karen Clark

W70 Karen Blackburn

X40 Julia Hargreaves & James Annan

X50 Angela & Tony Brand-Barker


NYMBO Winter Events

Here is the flier for the 4 events this winter. We still need a planner for the February event so please let me know if you would like to volunteer.


SAT 19th NOVEMBER 2016      TBC, Brompton near Northallerton

SAT 10th DECEMBER 2016      TBC, Linton on Ouse, York

SAT 21st JANUARY 2017       Smiths Arms, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate

SAT 18th FEBRUARY 2017      Malton area

Nidderdale Comments & Map

Nidderdale Organiser’s Comments

David Day planned an excellent course with plenty of route choice but probably enough distance for a 4 hour event which is why the scores were lower than usual. However, as most riders got back before it started to rain heavily, they were probably happy not to have to ride the extra hour. We were therefore lucky again with the weather and the tracks were still firm despite the previous day’s heavy showers.

Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map; David Day for putting out all of the controls; Geoff Moorhouse, Karen Blackburn, Michael Brough & John Dixon for their help on the day; then Dave Lloyd, John Rawden, Ray Morriss, Simon Coiley, Adrian Parker, Andy & Corinne Parsons for collecting them in so that we could leave by 3.00.

It was great to see over 70 riders for the final event of the season including quite a few newcomers. Congratulations to Graham Tibbot (M21) who won with 405 points and turn the tables on Andrew Windrum (M40-373); Conrad Ellison rode well to finish 3rd overall with 351 in M50; followed by Ray Morriss (M60-255) & Roger de Faye (M70-245) In the Women’s section, Sue Booth won W50 with 269, Jo Anderson & Jemima Parker won W40 & Karen Blackburn W70 with 190, followed by Clare de Faye (W60-174) then Heather Tufts (W21-170). Angela & Tony Brand-Barker came back from Lithuania to win X50 with 268 (50 points ahead of Steve & Andrea Foster). You can follow all of their routes using the splits file and course map.


I enjoyed my ride as it brought back pleasant memories of the tracks I used to ride regularly from Aldborough when I first started mountain biking. I chose to ride the bridleways rather than take the quicker road options which cost me time but were far more enjoyable. I stayed south of the main road and finished on the very interesting and scenic causeway below Sawley Hall.

Unfortunately 2 controls (38 & 51) were stolen, 57 wasn’t working properly and 56 was in the wrong place. (David put it where he had marked it on his planning map and hadn’t noticed that Jens had drawn it on the final map). So not the best way to finish the season and please accept our apologies. Hopefully, I have amended all of the scores but please let me know if I have missed you out.

Prizes were awarded to the leading riders at 1.30 so thanks to Rob & Anne Wiltshire at the Yorkshire Dales Brewery who are happy to sponsor the league again next year.

The next event will be a 2 hour Lanequest MBO near Northallerton on Saturday, 19th November. (Details on the BMBO and NYMBO web sites). John Dixon, Andrew Windrum & Tim Evans have volunteered to plan 3 of the 4 winter events so please let me know if you would like to plan the February event in the Malton/Pickering area.

Hope to see you at another event soon


Online entries close midnight Wednesday or enter on the day (Sunday)

Please remember that this event is on a Sunday this year and starts at 9.00.

As this is the final event of the year, please stay for the prize giving if you can at 130pm to congratulate the winning riders.

We have got 55 entries so far and if you miss the online deadline you can still enter by email or on the day (it’s a £1 more though). Hope to see you there.
Ps – winter treasure hunt events to be announced soon…

Blank Map for Nidderdale – Sunday 9th October

Here’s the blank map for the final league event of 2016.

Event centre is Sawley Village Hall HG4 3EQ | REGISTER 8.30 – 9.45 STARTS 9.00 – 10.00 | 3 hour SCORE event

Enter online here by Wednesday please

Flier here:  nidderdale-flier

Comments from David Day – the planner for this event

We return to Sawley village hall this year, last used in 2011. The area slopes from purple heather moors in the west to Studley deer park in the east. At the time of writing the bridleways are in excellent condition and the views fantastic. Many bridleways cross farmland – please close all gates; also used are quiet minor roads but the B 6265 passes through the centre of the area, there will be some traffic on this but optimum routes do not follow this road.

Points to remember, all marked on the map:

  • In the north there is 1 ford over the River Laver where there is no footbridge which I have never successfully cycled through due to it’s cobble bottom, there may be cyclists out there who can do better …..
  • The bridleway bridge north of Woodfield House is closed but optimum routes do not go that way.
  • There is a useful door in the north wall of Studley deer park.

For this event I plan to use ‘gripples’ to secure the controls, they are the foot O version of our wires, they are much thinner and it is easier to put your dibber in the SI box, also quicker to put out & take in – let us know what you think to them.
Food is being sold by the ladies of the village hall – please support them whilst waiting for prize giving after the event.