Malham Show Report

Malham Show Organiser’s Comments

Geoff and I enjoyed planning the course this year after Chris Wildman couldn’t find anyone to replace Andy Murphy. We did use the pick of his controls from the last 6 years, reduced the size of the competition area and didn’t put any controls on the Arncliffe road. You seemed to enjoy it and the weather made the riding perfect.

2016 Malham 40000 Working Drawing with Controls 15th August.jpg

Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map; Geoff Moorhouse, David & Zoe Cowgill and Simon & Jack Coiley for putting out the controls on Friday; then Kevin Smith, John Dixon, Ray Morriss, Michael Connor and David & Zoe Cowgill (after her 4 hour run) for collecting them in before the rain started on Saturday.

Congratulations again to Graham Tibbott M21-439 for holding off Alex M40-409 (with a lot of local knowledge) and Andrew M40-404 (who doesn’t need to know an area to score well) by over 30 points. The other leaders were Conrad Ellison M50-364, Roger de Faye M70-324, Heather Tufts W21-322, Ray Morriss M60-320, Angela & Tony Brand Barker X50-279, Sue Austin/Alex Davies W40-278, Clare de Faye W60-240, Jill Ellison W50-213, Karen Blackburn W70-195, and Jeffrey & (10 year old) Laura Barber Gen-164. You can follow their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

I enjoyed both rides because the scenery is always fantastic, the weather was perfect and the tracks were mainly remarkably dry after the recent rain. However, I would rather compete so please volunteer to plan the course if you want the event to continue next year. I wanted to go for a short ride to take a few photos once you had started but couldn’t because the NYMBO computer wouldn’t recognise the BMBO Splits printer. Geoff and I had to recreate the whole event on the BMBO computer before the first finisher returned – and the generator kept cutting out!! I also couldn’t work out how to create the age classes which is why the results are just on one page. It never quite goes right at Malham!! Finally, my apologies to Denis for getting his age wrong!

The next NYMBO event is on Monday, 29th August where you can sample Dave Lloyd’s excellent course in Dalby Forest which is also part of the Eborienteers White Rose weekend. Don’t forget to print the flier so that you get the reduced FC toll charge of £4.

The 9th & 10th events in the NYMBO league are part of the OMM Bike weekend at Cropton on September 17th/18th. All 4 courses count on both days and you can enter the 3 hour option on the BMBO site. However, you need to enter the longer courses on the OMM web site and the event is nearly full so don’t leave it too late.

Hope to see you at another event soon


Dalby Forest MBO

Sorry about the link in the previous article which takes you to the Malham flier. Please find the update flier here Dalby Flier

Please print it and bring it with you on Monday so that you pay the reduced toll charge of £4. We have got 65 pre-entries so please register by Thursday midnight so that Jens prints enough maps. Please let me know if you would be able to collect a few controls afterwards

Dalby Forest blank map now available | Event Monday 29 August

The seventh league of 2016 is in Dalby Forest on Monday 29 August – blank map now available below.

Event Centre
GR 926 813 Adderstone Feld, Dalby Forest, Pickering
Use the forest toll road, 3 miles north of Thornton-le-Dale then  follow the White Rose signs through the forest for 5 miles  Please try to arrive before 12am as orienteers will be leaving FACILITIES Parking, Camping, Registration, refreshments and toilets at the Eborienteers White Rose weekend

REGISTER  11.30 – 12.45
STARTS 12.00 – 13.00

Details #07 – Dalby Flier

2016 Dalby 25000 Working Drawing without Controls 15th August

Some more July Moors Marathon photo’s

Here are a couple more pics from the Moors Marathon courtesy of Adi Gossage and Jill McGee (including the annoyingly hard final climb of the day!)

Please send any others here and I’ll upload asap.



Moors Marathon Photos

Here are a few photo’s from last weekend’s Moors Marathon. If you have any of your own you’d like to add to the gallery please send them to

Don’t forget to add any comments about either of last weekends events too!