Blank maps for Swaledale weekend now available

Full details of the weekend can be found in the Events section.

Blank maps for riders and runners below:

2015 OMM Swaledale 40000 Working Drawing without Controls 14th August (web)

2015 OMM Harveys Bike and Lite without Controls 14th August (Web)



3 thoughts on “Blank maps for Swaledale weekend now available

  1. simon horlock

    Bit confused. If i want a 5hr ride does that mean that my score wont count in the nymbo league? ie to get a league score i have to return in 3hrs?

    1. Graham Tibbot

      The answer lies in a previous post regarding league placings- all courses count towards the league and your league score will be based on the leading scores on the day across all courses. Essentially- compete in the class you’ve chosen, and you’ll get a league score.

  2. stevewillis3

    Thanks Graham and well done at the weekend. 2 brilliant scores. I’ve just sent the results to John Dixon who will try to update the league table before this Sunday’s event at the Cleveland Hills


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