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Next event – Staveley – 7th November

Despite the Richmond event taking place on the wettest day since records began, it went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the Covid safe practices worked successfully.

So, the next event is on Saturday 7th November, based at The Royal Oak, Staveley, near Knaresborough. As with Richmond, there will be a maximum capacity for the event (50), so please enter online to confirm your place.

Online entry here (until midnight November 4th or event full)

Entry will be online only (i.e. no entry on the day and no spare maps).

Riders will set off solo or in pairs at 2 minute intervals between 9.30 and 10.30. When you enter, you can choose one of 3 waves (9.30 – 9.50 | 9.50 – 10.10 | 10.10 – 10.30). We’ll allocate individual start times when people enter, and then publish the list on the website a few days before.

We are grateful to the pub for being the evnt centre, however, Covid restrictions will mean providing some details in advance for food – we’ll email everyone who enters closer to the day.

The event is planned to go ahead based on the current restrictions, obviously if those change then we will review the status of the event.

Full details here: NYMBO Winter 2020-21 v1

Richmond Results

Richmond Control Map

Richmond Control Map

Here are today’s results. Richmond Results

Great to see 31 riders turn up despite the weather and they all came back having thoroughly enjoyed it.I enjoyed planning the course in much better weather and hope the fitter riders didn’t mind being forced to head to the NW of the map but it is cracking countryside.

Today’s winners can have a free ride next month so please send an email via the NYMBO web page rather than enter online. 

  • M21 Nuno Cerqueira
  • M50 All Powell
  • W21 Louise Gossage & Clare Barber
  • X21 Gill & Paul Crane
  • Gen Andy & Verity Chapman-Gibbs

Thanks to Richmond Golf Club for allowing the event to go ahead in the current circumstances. Hope to see you next month somewhere near Harrogate. 

Thanks to Steve Willis for organising an excellent event – after such a big gap in our events, hopefully this one marks the start of a successful winter season.

Blank Map for Richmond Saturday October 3rd

Here’s the blank course map for Richmond next Saturday October 3rd. This event is now full as we’ve reached the capacity for this event. If you can’t come, please use the form below to let us know. Rider start times are in the post below too.

Map — 20201003-Richmond events

Please note the following for the event:

  • Please park as directed on the grass at the edge of the golf course
  • If you need to visit the clubhouse to use the locker room before you ride, please take care crossing the 3rd Fairway
  • Face masks are now compulsory in all areas of the clubhouse except when seated in the bar/restaurant to eat or drink.
  • Hand Sanitisation upon entry & exiting is compulsory
  • Please do not approach the start until the previous riders have left.
  • You are welcome to use the clubhouse after your ride but please take care again crossing the 3rd fairway and remove any cycling shoes and helmets before you go in.
  • Visitors (& Members) must not approach the bar for any reason. Tables will be clearly marked with a number which the staff will make a record of as you place your food or drinks order. A payment card must be given at the time of ordering i.e. Debit/Credit card. Staff will return to table with order and payment receipt.
  • Each person sat at a table must now complete the new Track & Trace Slip detailing their Name, Contact Details and Time of entry etc.

Richmond Saturday October 3rd – Event full

Our Richmond event has reached capacity, which is really great as Steve’s been out course planning in the last few days! Start times are in the table below

  • If you’ve entered and you can’t ride, please fill in the form to let us know so we can release your place to someone else.
  • If you’ve not managed to enter, but would like to be on the waiting list, please fill in the form below.

We’ll keep an eye on the regulations, but currently the event will go ahead as planned. Please check back here for further updates. The blank map will be posted towards the end of this week.

Richmond Saturday October 3rd – Rider Start times

Here are the provisional start times for Richmond on October 3rd. Still a few places left if you’ve not entered yet but the event is nearly at capacity – remember there’s no entry on the day. Enter online here

It’s 2 riders every two minutes, allocated according to your selected Wave and then in entry order. Pairs are shown in bold. It’s the first time we’ve had to do this, so hopefully this works but we will see how it goes and amend if required. Feedback welcome!

If you would like a different time, or the allocation isn’t what you expected, please fill in the form below the table.

**Updated Sunday 20-Sep 18:53 – Event full **

Time Rider 1 Rider 2
09:30 Nuno Cerqueira Christopher Dodd
09:32 Dougie Nisbet Martyn Broadest
09:34 David Hughes ian Nightingale
09:36 Chris Edwards
09:38 louise gossage clare barber
09:40 Kate Mitchell Karen Robinson
09:42 Kevin Francis (Run) Vicky Bailey (run
09:50 David Day Carrick Armer
09:52 Paul Wood Dave Robertson
09:54 Christopher Wright Jeff Harris
09:56 John Lebeter Neil Reed
09:58 Gill Crane Paul Crane
10:00 Conrad Ellison Jill Ellison
10:02 Tim Evans
10:10 Ian Butler Heather Raistrick
10:12 John Burkinshaw John Houlihan
10:14 Al Powell Jake Powell
10:16 Martin Edwards David Collins
10:18 Timothy Bull Kathryn Jones
10:20 Simon Coiley Sue Booth
10:22 Richard Wise Sarah Slade
10:24 John DIxon Stephen Green
10:26 Andy Chapman Gibbs Verity Chapman Gibbs



Next event – Richmond – October 3rd

When we finished the Ilkley event on March 14th, I don’t think anyone expected that our next event would be in October (panic supermarket buying seems a very long time ago!).

However, it’s great to be able to announce that our next event will be on Saturday October 3rd, based out of Richmond Golf Club and planned by Steve Willis.

Enter online here by midnight Thursday October 1st

It will be a ‘treasure hunt format’ event, and there will be a maximum of 40 riders. Entry will be online only (i.e. no entry on the day and no spare maps).

Riders will set off solo or in pairs at 2 minute intervals between 9.30 and 10.30. When you enter, you can choose one of 3 waves (9.30 – 9.50 | 9.50 – 10.10 | 10.10 – 10.30). We’ll allocate individual start times when people enter, and then publish the list on the website a few days before.

  • The blank map will be posted here a week before (no printed versions at the event)
  • You’ll need a pen to write down your answers
  • Solo or in pairs every 2 minutes between 9.30 and 10.30
  • Please arrive just 20 minutes before your start time but don’t go to the start until 2 minutes beforehand.
  • You can use the toilets beforehand but no cycling shoes or helmets in the club house please and use the hand sanitiser
  • You will mark your own answer sheet when you finish then give your score to Steve Willis.
  • Refreshments will be on sale afterwards but you must sign the ‘track & trace’ list, use hand sanitiser, maintain social distancing and sit in groups of no more than 4

There will be no prizegiving but the 5 category winners will receive a free entry for the next event.
A Senior Men
B Veteran Men (M50+)
C Women
D Mixed Pairs
E Generation/Junior Pairs

Hopefully, we’ll also be able to run similar events from November through March – details to follow soon!

Hope to see you there – check back for updates over the next couple of weeks


NYMBO Events Postponed

All our 2020 league events are cancelled – we are investigating the possibility of a Winter 2020/21 Treasure Hunt Series with the appropriate Covid-19 procedures in place.

Stay safe and well everyone!

Ilkley –> Updated results and event report

Tony Thornley ran an excellent event yesterday, which included some great mapping.The updated results are here.

Here’s his report:

“Thank you all for coming and for the many kind comments.

An especial thank you to my beautiful assistants, Pete and Ali, and to Tim for printing the maps.

The church car park donations raised £50 for which thanks to all who contributed.

I hope the map worked well for you. I’ve always felt it would be better to make the viable routes, whether road or off-road, clearer for MTBO events, and to give more cyclability information. From the routes (below) you can see that both Ian and Al did their best to avoid the really miserable tracks across Ilkley Moor and around points 16 and 26. I don’t think anyone got to 16 but one or two made 30 by the Twelve Apostles.

The challenge was to decide the best route at the outset. Most people opted for the North loop and then used the road route via 25 towards Riddlesden. Very few people got down to the canal, although it is very fast going. Rob King gets the prize for the longest distance cycled without getting any points – from 26 to the finish.

I hope no-one had too many problems with the awful bit of bridleway down from Langbar at point 24 back to Addingham. I deliberately extended the map to give the option of using the road to the NW; although a lot longer and not flat I suspect it may be quicker.

Hope to see you all, virus permitting, at the Washburn Valley event on April 18th.

Tony Thornley”

Ilkley showing winners routes


Ilkley Results

Ilkley Moor 14th March 2020

Updated Sunday 20:45

Here are the results from today’s challenging Ilkley event – great turn out for a treasure hunt event, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Full report to follow tomorrow. Any problems with the results please comment below or email.


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