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Planners Post on Bullamoor

I always enjoy planning an event on my doorstep, it is amazing what one finds even after living here for so long!
It is also gratifying to see that the riders have enjoyed the challenge, either mine or from the weather. Reading the post ride route choice I can see that some of the bridleways were tough going and that everyone who went south east enjoyed the view along Landmoth – one of my favourite rides.

I apologise for some errors, the position of control 16 is on the north wall of the building, south west of the track junctions. I also understand that I may not have got the phone number on the back of the chevron road sign correct at number 24. HeyHo. The garage door at number 1 used to have 5 windows but has been changed to an up and over with 7. Except it was up when some riders got there so difficult to tell how many there were. Still, as long as you did the navigation I’m not too bothered about the answer!
John D