Standard Event Information

  • Best 5 results from 9 events to count – prizes to class winners
  • Pre-enter 7 days before each event to guarantee a pre-marked map
  • Late entries will be accepted but you may have to copy your course
  • Most events will use 1-25000 or 1-40000 colour OS extracts
  • All events will use SportIdent electronic punching
  • Your score will be a percentage of the overall winner

Age classes – based on your age on 31/12/13 – Men(M), Women(W), Mixed (X)

Solo or Team classes                          Team classes                                        M/W21      Seniors 21-39          X80             Mixed team (–80)

M/W40       Veterans 40–49               X100           Mixed Vet Team (81-100)

M/W50       Super Veterans 50-59    X120            Mixed Super Vet Team (+100)

M/W60       Senior Veterans 60+       GEN            Generation (Adult & Junior)

M/W20       Youth 17-20                    M/W16        Junior (12-16)

Newcomers are always welcome – 2 hour novice course and advice available.

Entry fees – £12 for Seniors    £6 for Juniors/Novices

Reductions for ONLINE ENTRIES, BOF members, own SI cards


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