Upcoming Events

NYMBO League 2021 Version 1

Location When Summary Description
  May 22, 2021 NYMBO#1 - Markington  
  June 12, 2021 NYMBO#2 - Pool  
  July 17, 2021 NYMBO#3 - Grantley  
  August 28, 2021 NYMBO#4 - Malham  
  August 30, 2021 NYMBO#5 - Ampleforth (TBC)  
  September 12, 2021 NYMBO#6 - Swaledale  
  October 2, 2021 NYMBO#7 - North York Moors  


2019 Main League – Event Centre Locations (new 2021 map soon)

There were no league events in 2020 but this map is being kept on the site for people to see the previous year’s spread of events across Yorkshire.

Click on the map to see all of the event centre locations on Bing Maps (as it has the Ordnance Survey map option). Event #10 at Wensleydale is now confirmed.2019 Event Centes

NYMBO Strava

The NYMBO Strava group can be found here

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