Tadcaster results

Here are the results for today’s event at Tadcaster. (Corrected 28-Jan-18)

13/01/18 Tadcaster MBO POINTS PEN SCORE
M50 Tim Evans 425 1 424
G Adrian Parker/ Luke Parker 415 0 415
M40 Mark Chryssanthou 420 5 415
M60 John Rawdon 415 7 408
M50 Paul Dobson 405 35 370
M50 Martin Vesty 365 0 365
M21 Chris Dodd 365 5 360
M60 Peter Jones 390 40 350
X50 Andy & Corinne Parsons 315 0 315
M50 Steve Foster 310 0 310
M40 Sam Hollis 305 5 300
X60 Andrea Foster/ Geoffery Moorhouse 300 0 300
M60 Simon Coiley 295 2 293
M70 David Day 275 4 271
M50 Simon McPherson 265 13 252
M60 Will Patterson 255 5 250
W40 Jo Anderson/ Jemima Parker 255 7 248
W70 Karen Blackburn 250 3 247
M21 Mark Lunham 245 3 242
M50 Ben Robinson/John Roelich 240 2 238
W60 Karen Clark 210 8 202
W60 Ruth Jones 195 0 195
W60 Susan Birtwistle 200 4 196
M60 Chris Wright 185 0 185
M50 Michael Brough 175 4 171
M50 Peter Smith 155 0 155
M70 Richard Clark 160 7 153
G Paula Child/ Thomas Gill 150 3 147
M60 Steve Willis 205 90 115
X40 Sarah Dent/ Paul Spencer DNF

Entry on the day for Tadcaster Saturday morning | Draft 2018 League dates

There’s still time! Even if you’ve not entered online, entries on the day are available at Tadcaster tomorrow morning. Tim’s printed about 15 extra maps, so plenty of time to get your bike ready! (Registration at The Coach & Horses 0915 -1015, starts from 0930-1030) details here

If you can’t make that, then the next event is now confirmed as at The Queens Head, Kettlesing on February 17th

In the meantime here are the provisional dates for the 2018 League

Please get in touch if you would like to plan one on any of the following dates. I’m also very happy for anyone to suggest  any other areas or dates

It’s a more team-based approach to event organisation this year. Each of the planners will be the day event organiser, and will sort out the helpers beforehand and results, accounts and reports afterwards (that’s the same as most other BMBO events).

The other roles are split up like this:

  • Equipment – Neil Reed
  • Secretarial jobs & BMBO web page – Helen Pollard (Stage One Cycles)
  • Maps – Tim Evans
  • Results – John Dixon
  • Treasurer – Steve Willis (plus helping out when he can)
  • NYMBO website & mailing list – Dave Robertson

As always, if you want to collect controls or help out at registration, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

See you at an event soon!

Blank map now available for the first event of 2018 – Tadcaster next Saturday

Our first event of the New Year is at Tadcaster on Saturday 13th. Rik has planned an excellent flat course to the East of Tadcaster.

The blank map is available by clicking the PDF link. As usual, online entries by Wednesday please, and please let us know if you’re coming so enough maps get printed for on the day entries.

A note about the A64 there are cycle paths on both sides well away from the traffic and 3 bridge crossing points so the main A64 is out of bounds.

Tadcaster event – January 13th 2018

Details of the first event of 2018, enter online here

This event is organised by Rik Thompson – Rik could use a bit of help at registration, if you’re able to do that, please comment on this post or on the Nymbo Strava group

It will be nice to revisit the Coach & Horses in Tadcaster following our last event from there 2 years ago. Those who rode the event will remember what a lovely, sunny winters day it wasn’t! Yes there was freezing rain, wind, sleet, just about everything mother nature could throw at us in a few short hours, at least this year the weather can’t be as bad, can it?

As most of you will have seen shortly after the event the bridge at Tadcaster collapsed cutting the town in two for over a year and the Coach & Horses was flooded to about waist height for some time. Fortunately it has been refurbished and is open once again ready to serve us some warm food and cold beer on our return.

This time we will be heading off to the East towards Copmanthorpe using the network of quiet roads and a few bridleways. Last time I was a little disappointed that very few rode the tracks around Hazelwood and Hook Moor as they were fast gravel tracks which were a lot more fun than the roads, to try and even it out a bit for the guys on MTB’s this time I will keep some of the big pointers on bridleways as I know how fast my club rides can get round this area with it being so flat. I was out yesterday on the cx bike and apart from one BW across a ploughed field and one 200m section of another all the bridleways were holding up well to say Christmas is almost upon us.

So I shall say a Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully I will see plenty of you at the Coach & Horses in the new year.



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Thank you for your support for the last 20 years

Thank you again for your kind comments and the gift vouchers after the end of season presentation at Grantley. I am now the proud owner of a Skycaddie so that I can find my way around a golf course successfully; a new ski jacket and salopettes so that I look the part on the slopes despite my technique; and a winter biking jacket and tights so that I will be warmer in January at Tadcaster than I was last week at Thornton Watlass.

Brendan Smurthwaite and Paul Dobson have planned 2 cracking courses and Tim Evans drew an excellent first map. We have got 3 more winter events then next season’s planners are all sorted except for a forest event in April. Any volunteers?? Helen Pollard at Stage1Cycles is ready to take over as the NYMBO secretary so hopefully I can just ride next year (and keep an eye on things in the background).

Merry Christmas and I hope to see many of you at lots of NYMBO events in 2018

Thornton Watlass results – a cold & clean morning ride!

Updated – controls map now available – Thornton Watlass Final Map

Saturday dawned dry and bright and 27 riders braved the sub-zero temperatures to participate in the second event of the NYMBO winter season based at The Buck Inn, Thornton Watlass. The benefit of the dry/frozen surfaces meant that most people came back almost as clean as when they set off – almost unheard of in my experience! An added bonus was that everyone returned safely to the warmth of the pub for lunch, despite the two punctures, two retirements and a loose crank arm along the way. Congratulations to Duncan Archer (Senior Men) who won the event with a score of 344, despite Max Vesty giving him a close run in second place. The Women’s class was won by Joan Hanson, whilst Tim Evans took the honours in the Veteran Men’s class. Not withstanding the lack of competition, Steve Collins/Ben Collins and Graham Tibbot/Erica Moks won the Gen/Youth and Mixed categories respectively. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Thanks, Paul

M40 Duncan Archer 5043 345 2.01 1 344
M21 Max Vesty 4180 355 2.08 11 344
M50 Tim Evans 3019 320 2.04 4 316
X21 Erica Moks & Graham Tibbot 8130/8121 315 2.02 2 313
M60 John Rawden 203 300 2.09 13 287
M40 Brendon Smurthwaite 2876 285 2.00 0 285
M40 Mark Chryssanthou 917 275 1.58 0 275
M50 Andy Conn 78 280 2.05 5 275
M50 Conrad Ellison 876 275 2.03 3 272
M60 Tony Thornley 9550 255 2.05 5 250
W40 Joan Hanson 7553 225 2.02 2 223
T50 Will Paterson & Ian Roberts 1459/Day 220 2.06 7 213
W70 Karen Blackburn 102 205 1.57 0 205
G Steve & Ben Collins 7855/7855 205 1.58 0 205
M60 David Day 392 205 2.01 1 204
M50 Michael Brough 107 190 2.05 5 185
M50 David Collins 3726 265 2.20 90 175
W50 Ceri Williams 224 165 1.57 0 165
M50 John Deighton 1710 165 1.57 0 165
M21 Phil Charters 165 1.57 0 165
W60 Susan Birtwistle 7337 165 2.10 15 150
M60 Steve Willis 253 295 2.28 250 45
M50 Martin Vesty rtd
W50 Jill Ellison 6605 rtd

Thornton Watlass Results