Next event – Saturday 19th January – Hovingham –> Enter online now –>

Our 3rd event in the 2018-19 Winter League is at Hovingham on Saturday 19th January . Blank course map below

Pub event centre is the Cricketers Bar, Worsley Arms Hotel, Main Street, Hovingham. YO62 4LA.
Usual format – 2 hour event. Registration: 9:15-10:15. Start times: 9:30-10:30.
With the option of sandwiches and light lunches after the event.

The trails around the Hovingham area, which were rather wet in places in December when I planned the course, are now drying up nicely.
If the weather holds we should have a nice fast course.

Only 5 online pre-entries so far, so if you do want to kick start the new year with a bit of friendly competition please get your online entries in by next Wednesday so we can print enough maps.

Online entry here – closes midnight Wednesday 16th

Don’t forget to renew your 2019 BMBO membership

Hope to see you there.

Thanks Brendon



Ripon Results & Comments

South Lodge, Ripon comments

Results are here: 20181215-South Lodge

Well done all those who turned out on a very chilly morning. A few hours later & it was chucking it down with rain too!

I did not see the final map that the later starters got – apologies for not spotting that some of the control numbers were ambiguous so that some of you wrote down the answer for a different control. To be fair to everyone I have disallowed all wrong answers. Early starters received a map from a previous event which did not have that problem. We are still learning the foibles of Purple Pen so this will not happen again with me hopefully.

Well done to the high scoring vet men, Martin Vesty would have got them all but could not find his way through the Econ housing estate plus he got #8 & #20 mixed up; he nearly let in Tim Evans who again had a full answer sheet but like Morecambe & Wise not necessarily in the right order.

Jenny Sutton was the lady winner & some good performances by the Generation teams with Steve & Ben Collins dominating a high scoring class.

Thanks to the South Lodge for hosting the event although I’m sure the young lady who opened up thought we were all quite mad. I had used a previous bike O map from 2014 which was planned to avoid muddy bridleways, the week had been dry so that made the going even faster.

David Day


Saturday 15th December = Ripon winter event – map and details –>

The second NYMBO winter event of the season is next Saturday 15th December. Our pub event centre is the South Lodge, Harrogate Road, Ripon HG4 1ST.

Online entry available until midnight Wednesday here; after that use the webform to let us know you’re coming and we print enough maps.

Map below for this two hour event – Registration 0915 – 1015; starts 0930 – 1030. Usual format, all the other details here

See you there!!

12th December 2018 - Ripon

12th December 2018 – Ripon

Ellerton Lake – Report, results, and control map

It was great to see Andrew Windrum and Andy Conn riding for the first time this year as well as lots of regulars. It’s a lovely area of undulating North Yorkshire countryside with lots of pretty villages, beautiful houses, quiet country lanes and a few gravel bridleways. They weren’t quite as dry as when I checked them last month but everyone seemed to enjoy their rides. Surprisingly there were very few punctures despite the hedge trimmers best efforts.

I would like to apologise for the map. Not the 45 degree tilt which worked but because I printed the all controls map instead of the course map so you didn’t have the values and the numbers were too small. This was my mistake, not Tim’s. I’ll post the one you should have had on the web page!! As always I thoroughly enjoyed checking out the bridleways and controls from the Lakeside café which made an excellent event centre. Congratulations to the other category winners Zac & Richard Hutchinson (Gen), John Rawden (Vets) and Karen Blackburn (Ladies).

Hopefully, we’ll see you at David Day’s event at Ripon on December 15th

RESULTS: 20181011 – Ellerton Results

MAP: 20181110 – Ellerton Lakes

Ellerton Lake Saturday 10th November – map now available

Next Saturday (10th) is the first our our five winter “treasure hunt” events.

Enter online here, by midnight Wednesday, or reserve a mail by sending an email here

The blank map for the event is below – Tim’s created a unique format for this event, although I’d need to get my old school protractor out to determine the exact angle of the map. Whether the course map is in the same format remains to be seen…


Winter Events start on November 10th

SAT 10th NOVEMBER 2018 Ellerton Lakeside Cafe, Scorton, Richmond DL10 6AP
SAT 15th DECEMBER 2018 South Lodge, Harrogate Road, Ripon HG4 1ST
SAT 19th JANUARY 2019 Worsley Arms, Hovingham YO62 4LA
SAT 16th FEBRUARY 2019 Squinting Cat, Harrogate HG3 1QE
SAT 30th MARCH 2019 Deramore Arms, South York Area
COURSE 2 hour Mountain Bike Orienteering Score event
MAP Pre-marked 1-40,000 A4 colour extract of OS Sheet
REGISTER 9.15 -10.15 STARTS 9.30 – 10.30
FEES ADULTS – £5.00 JUNIORS – £3.00
Save £1 by entering online at
FACILITIES Parking and toilets at the pub

You must wear a helmet and pairs must stay together at all times.
Please obey the highway and country codes
At registration you will receive your control card and description list
There are 30 controls worth 525 points – and the usual penalties for lateness
Controls are signs/dates etc on minor roads and bridleways
You will need a waterproof pen to write the answers on your control card
Small prizes for the winning solo or pair in each category at each event
Bar meals and refreshments in the pub afterwards.
Please order your bar meal at registration before you start
Please join BMBO (only £6) on line beforehand and save time and money at registration
Results will be posted on the NYMBO & BMBO web pages
Only 5 classes
M21 Senior Men M50 Veteran Men W21 All Women
X21 Mixed Teams Gen Generation Teams


Wensleydale Event Report

Wensleydale MBO Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Mike Allenby at Stage1Cycles for an excellent event centre and for planning the course then providing everyone with discount vouchers; Tim Evans for another excellent map; and Geoff Moorhouse for looking after Registration and Download despite being unable to ride and all of the control collectors.

Saturday was one of the wettest days I have ever spent on my bike in the hills when I put out 10 controls around Addlebrough for Mike – winter jacket and tights with full waterproofs and my hood up underneath my helmet. Every track was a stream and the wind was howling so I’m just glad it wasn’t cold. We decided to close 4 fords and not use #52 to avoid the risk of anyone drowning. Fortunately, the Met Office got the forecast wrong again so it stopped raining and the wind dropped so the tracks had dried out overnight and the streams were following their normal course.

14 October 2018 Course Map

14 October 2018 Course Map

Congratulations to Graham Tibbott for yet another excellent score of 443; Mark Chryssanthou M40 390; Mark Rowley M50 393; John Rawden M60 300; Al & Jake Powell Gen 270; Jemima Parker outscoring the other ladies with 235 points and Dean & Molly Ralpheson winning the mixed at their first attempt with 253 points. You can follow all of their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

Prizes donated by Yorkshire Dales Brewery were presented to the winners of each category and the other leading riders will be receiving their NYMBO tee shirts as soon as they arrive.

M21 1st Graham Tibbott 400.0      
M40 1st David Lawrence 333.8 W40 1st Sheila Pearce 297.6
  2nd Mark Chryssanthou 319.2      
  3rd Al Powell 309.1      
  4th Brendon Smurthwaite 307.0      
M50 1st Mark Rowley 379.7 W50 1st Jill Ellison 254.3
  2nd Conrad Ellison 357.5   2nd Angela Brand-Barker 222.0
  3rd Simon Coiley 339.4      
  4th Tim Evans 334.2      
M60 1st John Rawden 328.4 X50 1st Andrea & Steve Foster 265.1
  2nd Dennis Jaques 290.7   2nd Christine & Ralph Defty 243.1
  3rd Steve Willis 287.3      
  4th John Dixon 277.4      
M70 1st Ray Morris 299.8 W70 1st Karen Blackburn 205.2
  2nd David Day 264.4      

There will be a series of winter events but we need a planner for an event near York in March. Details as soon as the dates have been approved by BMBO

Tim Evans has offered to co-ordinate the NYMBO 2019 League but he will need volunteers to plan the events so please let him know if you are willing.

Hope to see you next month near Richmond.